Zac Brown Band Eat & Greets

"Give me an I... Give me an E... What's that spell...? IIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!"

With this blessing, eating commences at the Zac Brown Band's now-famous "Eat & Greet." What started off as a simple way to reduce the awkwardness which arises at a typically rock band "meet & greet" has blossomed into the largest traveling display of southern hospitality known to man. Prior to every concert performance, Zac and Chef Rusty treat up to 200 guests with the finest southern cuisine—barbecue beef and pork tenderloin, fresh fruits and vegetables, desserts and sweet tea—in a setting most would equate to a family meal at the holidays.

Before arriving in each town, Chef Rusty reaches out to the local farms to provide the fruit, vegetables and other staples for the Eat & Greet. Along with his two sous chefs, Rusty combines what he's collected that day at the farm with the beef and pork tenderloin, rubbed and grilled in Zac's signature Georgia Clay Rub and Love Sauce, into a memorable southern meal. Landshark offers free beer, the band mingles and joins in at the table, and Rusty gets to meet his satisfied guests, discussing recipes and trading stories with his new fans of all ages.

"People are blown away. They come out expecting hot dogs and hamburgers, and instead they get to experience food that they've never had before, " says Rusty, who loves visiting with the farmers and taking advantage of what the seasons and each local farmers market have to offer him. Nowadays, Zac's fan club (the Zamily) includes farmers themselves, who are eager to offer their products in the feast. Radio station winners, sponsors & special guests all take part in what Zac and Rusty plan to build upon in the years to come, eventually supplying VIP areas during the concert with the same creations offered at the Eat & Greets.